AstroEnglish.com is the web’s newest resource library for ESL / EFL / English teachers and students and we hope that in the months and years to come a community will evolve around our beliefs and common purpose about education and using the internet and technology as a platform to achieve our educational aims.

The founder of AstroEnglish.com is an English teacher with almost ten years’ experience in the industry and is dedicated to keeping lessons accessible and free to all who wish to use them at home or in the class or, even on their own website or blog. We are committed to the Creative Commons approach to providing resources as long as appropriate credit is given to the resources’ creators. This is at the heart of our belief for this new age of online teaching and learning and we hope that others will follow a similar path.

We will be adding new content to AstroEnglish.com on a weekly basis and by 2017 we aim to have several hundred pages of content and lessons aimed at the youngest beginner learners to university students and full-time professionals who need English to improve their opportunities in schools and workplaces around the world.

The materials we provide for free now include business English lessons, TED.com lesson, general English lessons and, of course, kids lessons with accompanying flashcards with writing worksheets and puzzles.

Welcome to AstroEnglish.com……..


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  1. Hey Folks,
    Welcome to the web’s newest meeting place for teachers. AstroEnglish.com is full of free lessons for teachers and students and will be updated and added to regularly. Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    AstroGa / Admin

  2. This is a great site and I am so glad to have found it. I will certainly be visiting here in the weeks and months to come, and will be sharing with my colleagues.
    Thank you.
    Ashley Evans.

  3. Hi guys… Nice to stumble upon this website. I’m an ESL teacher myself and I’m looking for some lesson materials that I can use with my KIDS Students. Also I have some students who needs realia. This would be a great help. Thanks

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